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Clinical Pharmacists

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are becoming more involved in the care of patients in General Practice. Having the pharmacy team working in our surgery provides valuable medicines support, a close link with our community pharmacy teams and allows our GPs to focus their skills and time where they are most needed for patients who have more complex needs. Pharmacists are experts in medicines and can talk to you about how to get the best from your medicines.

Minal Karia is our clinical pharmacist who is also a prescriber. As an expert in medicines, she carries out medication reviews and supports patients in management of long-term conditions like asthma and diabetes, blood pressure and menopause. The review with ensures any monitoring that is required is carried out, so we can continue to prescribe safely. She can help you align your medication.

Foluke Ajala is another pharmacist that works with us at the surgery. She is employed by our local PCN (a collaboration with nearby GP surgeries) but provides services for our patients. Foluke recently became a prescriber too and offers a similar role, reviewing and monitoring medication with our patients. Her area of expertise is adult asthma. You can talk to her about out of stock queries and side effects of medication.

Clinical Pharmacists will advise patients who have medication queries. 

Examples of information they can give:

  • Medication Reviews follow ups 
  • Medication Issues such as Medication Synchronisations, Side Effects, How to Manage
  • Out of stock/ Alternative Medication