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Here at the Robin Hood Lane Health Centre, we want to keep our patients informed about important updates, services, and health information relevant to your care. Each quarter, we publish a newsletter that you can access right from our website. This will also be emailed to our patients that are registered on the Anima platform.

Some of the highlights in our quarterly newsletter:

  • Information about any changes or updates to our clinic’s services, hours, staffing, procedures, etc. We’ll keep you in the loop about anything affecting your experience at our practice.
  • Tips and advice on important health topics – this may include managing chronic conditions, preventative care recommendations, information on medications, healthy lifestyle advice, and more.
  • Highlights of free/low-cost community health resources, events, classes, and more in Sutton. We want you to be aware of everything available to support your wellbeing.
  • Introductions to new services, staff members, or partners that have joined our health centre. You’ll get to know the new faces that may be involved in your care.

We encourage our patients to check back each quarter and read about the latest updates, health topics, and community offerings featured in our newsletter. Please let the us know if there is any information you would like to see included as well. Our goal is to provide useful, relevant information to help you manage and improve your health.

Please visit our facebook page for more regular updates:

If you would like to suggest additions or topics to our newsletter, please email: [email protected]