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The surgery is based in the ground floor of a Health Centre in central Sutton and has a list size of over 11,000 patients. The patients are of a diverse social and cultural mix.

We started as a training practice in February 2002.

We have regular practice meetings which involve the whole multi-disciplinary team. In addition we have weekly clinical meetings plus weekly tutorials on a one-to-one basis with the Trainer and GP Registrar.

We provide a friendly and supportive learning environment. Our practice is fully committed to the education, training and development of all members of the primary health care team; we have appraisal procedures in place for both clinical and non-clinical staff.

There is an extensive library based in the Registrars’ consulting room which is fully equipped with video facilities.

We have excellent administrative procedures in place and are committed to practising evidence based medicine. We have practice protocols for clinical and non-clinical procedures. We use our computerised clinical system (EMIS) to its full potential. We are now paperless. There is access to the Internet and NHS Net from every desk including internal and external e-mail.

Our patients can book their appointments and also request their repeat prescriptions via our online service.

We pride ourselves on having a local reputation of being innovative and forward thinking. We are keen to maintain this profile by continually reviewing what we do and developing new ideas.