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Dr Prabhu Kar

We are sad to inform you all that Dr Kar, a well-respected GP, who worked in The Robin Hood Health Centre passed away peacefully on 17th February 2024.

Dr Kar started his General Practice carer in 1970 in Burnell Road Surgery where he joined Dr Saphier. They practiced together until the local council built the Old Robin Hood Health Centre in 1960 and they invited local GPs to move in. Dr Kar continued to practice in the old Robin Hood Surgery until he retired in 1999. Some of you may remember that I, Dr Ravi Seyan joined him in 1984. I soon discovered that he was a well respected GP, loved by all his patients.

Dr. Kar was not just a healer of physical maladies; he was a healer of spirits. He had an innate ability to instil hope in the hearts of the sick, to offer solace to the worried, and to bring comfort to those in pain. His gentle demeanour and reassuring smile were as potent as any medicine, often serving as the first step on the road to recovery for many.

As we reflect on Dr. Kar’s remarkable life and career, let us not only remember him as a compassionate healer but also as a skilled practitioner whose expertise transcended boundaries. His legacy lives on in the countless lives he touched, a testament to the enduring impact of his dedication and expertise in ENT medicine.

As we honor Dr. Kar’s memory, let us also acknowledge the countless lives he enriched through his selfless service and unwavering dedication. His legacy serves as a testament to the transformative power of empathy, kindness, and genuine human connection in the practice of medicine and in life. Some of his patients still ask about him which shows the impact he had on many lives.

RIP my good friend.

Dr Ravi Seyan